Current Issue - May/June 2023 - Vol 26 Issue 3


  1. 2023;26;273-281A Retrospective Review of Real-world Outcomes Following 60-day Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for the Treatment of Chronic Pain
    Retrospective Review
    Marc A. Huntoon, MD, Konstantin V. Slavin, MD, Jonathan M. Hagedorn, MD, Nathan D. Crosby, PhD, and Joseph W. Boggs, PhD.

BACKGROUND: Real-world data can provide important insights into treatment effectiveness in routine clinical practice. Studies have demonstrated that in multiple different pain indications temporary (60-day) percutaneous peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) treatment can produce significant relief, but few real-world studies have been published. The present study is the first real-world, retrospective review of a large database depicting outcomes at the end of a 60-day PNS treatment period.

OBJECTIVES: Evaluate outcomes during a 60-day PNS treatment in routine clinical practice.

STUDY DESIGN: Secondary retrospective review.

METHODS: Anonymized records of 6,160 patients who were implanted with a SPRINT PNS System from August 2019 through August 2022 were retrospectively reviewed from a national real-world database. The percentage of patients with ? 50% pain relief and/or improvement in quality of life was evaluated and stratified by nerve target. Additional outcomes included average and worst pain score, patient-reported percentage of pain relief, and patient global impression of change.

RESULTS: Overall, 71% of patients (4,348/6,160) were responders with >= 50% pain relief and/or improvement in quality of life; pain relief among responders averaged 63%. The responder rate was largely consistent across nerve targets throughout the back and trunk, upper and lower extremities, and posterior head and neck.

LIMITATIONS: This study was limited by its retrospective nature and reliance on a device manufacturer’s database. Additionally, detailed demographic information and measures for pain medication usage and physical function were not assessed.

CONCLUSIONS: This retrospective analysis supports recent prospective studies demonstrating that 60-day percutaneous PNS can provide significant relief across a wide range of nerve targets. These data serve an important role in complementing the findings of published prospective clinical trials.

KEY WORDS: Peripheral nerve stimulation, neuromodulation, 60-day PNS, nonopiod, real-world evidence